Doug Enders

Doug Enders has been in the education field for almost 20 years. He was a high school teacher for nine years before earning his master’s degree in educational leadership and transitioning into school administration. Enders is currently the principal of Wrightsville Elementary in the Eastern York School District.

Enders has developed a passion and enthusiasm for Carol Dweck’s work and the positive impact a growth mindset can have on students both in and out of the classroom. He believes we are all capable of tremendous growth and fall short of reaching our potential when we embrace the wrong mindset. Enders has worked with the parents and staff of Wrightsville Elementary to create a school where students receive consistent messages about their ability to grow when mistakes are celebrated, challenges are accepted, and feedback from others is viewed as a road to improvement.

Enders was a guest blogger for Mindset Works (California) and his responsibilities in the Eastern York School District have recently grown to include the creation and implementation of a full-day workshop for all new teachers (and their mentors) in the district.