Kori Hamilton Biagas, M.Ed.

Kori Hamilton Biagas is the founder of Just Educators and a communication program manager for SRI Education at SRI International. She founded Just Educators out of a deep passion to address social and educational inequity.

Biagas got her start working as a tutor in a D.C. housing project and then transitioned to being a secondary English and performing arts teacher in south central Los Angeles. However, it was not until her work with the Equity Alliance at ASU, that she truly began to envision her role in addressing systemic inequity to improve outcomes for students.

Serving as a professional development and technical assistance provider, Biagas saw the power of dialogue around the sensitive topics of injustice, inequity, bias and privilege. Meeting people where they are in an authentic and respectful manner is core to her approach, and essential to changing hearts and minds. Her work at regional education centers addressed educational inequity and discrimination on the basis of (dis)ability, gender, national origin, race, religion and socioeconomic status.

While engaged in this work Biagas also explored the effects of implicit and explicit bias on organizational culture and climate; school transformation from a culturally responsive lens; alternatives to exclusionary discipline practices; and using data to interrupt pathways from schools to prisons.

Biagas was born in Nashville, Tenn., raised in Los Angeles, Calif., and is a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of California, Los Angeles.