Our Work

social learning example - group of adults collaborating at whiteboard

Our Vision

All learners will become socially and emotionally competent individuals of strong character.

Our Mission

To promote social and emotional learning and character development, bridging the gap between research and practice by providing evidence-based professional development, consulting, coaching and resources to educators and practitioners in formal and informal settings.

Our Guiding Principles

Our work is grounded in the belief that people of all ages possess the ability to learn and grow and become well-equipped to navigate life’s successes and challenges. The following principles provide the foundation for our work:

  • Social and emotional programming positively affects a broad range of student social, emotional, health, behavioral, and academic outcomes
  • Social and emotional skill development in youth has lasting outcomes through adulthood
  • Safe and supportive educational environments that are trauma-sensitive and responsive nurture social and emotional, ethical, and academic skills
  • Character development helps young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens and should be an integral part of social and emotional learning
  • Families play a crucial role in helping children become confident and independent individuals and learners
  • Long-term change in social, emotional and character development is achieved when educators, families, and community members work together as partners
  • Adults serve as important role models for children and can positively affect social and emotional competence by engaging in their own lifelong social and emotional skill development