Recorded Webinars

Parents Providing Support: Helping Our Children Return to School

This online panel discussion is to help parents with students who are returning or have just returned to school – whether virtually, hybrid or live. Through the lens of social and emotional learning, our panelists will share thoughts, strategies and practices for helping our students returning to school during this challenging time in history.

Getting Engaged: How SEL4PA Can Support Pennsylvania’s Social Emotional Learning Efforts

Learn about SEL4US efforts to create awareness and advance SEL work nationally. As well as how other states are working in collaboration with SEL4US and how Pennsylvania is poised to engage in these important efforts. The webinar will conclude with a call to action for SEL advocates who wish to participate in growing SEL4PA.

Building Your Bounce: Simple Strategies for a Resilient You

“If you get up one time more than you fall, you will make it through” – Chinese Proverb. In this webinar, learn how to take care of YOU so you can better take care of the children whose lives you touch. This webinar will help adults reflect on their own resilience and explore ways to “build your bounce” through simple, easy-to-use strategies. Join co-author of Building Your Bounce: Simple Strategies for a Resilient You, Nefertiti Bruce Poyner, Ed. D., as she shares her insights on this very important and timely topic.

Hot Cognition: Three Formulas to Ignite Learning

Disengaged learners cannot and will not achieve mastery in their content. Hot Cognition is a learning framework that skyrockets engagement and retention. This session will focus on three easy-to-remember formulas that explore the role of emotions in memory making, the power of intrinsic motivation, and a guide to ethical decision making. Participants will leave with an understanding of the theory behind emotional cognition and with numerous practical tools, activities, and techniques to be used with students of all ages.

Implementing SEL to Meet Every Student’s Needs

How can you ensure that your SEL programming is meeting the needs of learners who each bring unique strengths, cultural assets and often trauma to class each day? In this 75-minute interactive webinar, learn how administrators and educators can implement SEL programming to meet the needs of all students – even those struggling behaviorally and academically. We will dive into the “how to” of three practices critical to supporting SEL and equity: 1) integration of SEL with instruction and other supports; 2) creating caring relationships and culture; and 3) leveraging technology to address students’ diverse needs and challenges.