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Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning (CPSEL) focuses on social and emotional learning (SEL) and addressing trends in education policy, practice and research, and the challenge of integrating SEL into educational settings.

No longer is the school day just about preparing for high stakes testing – SEL has moved to the forefront of the education landscape and educators have an increased awareness that when kids feel safe, have healthy connections with others and can understand and manage emotions, the stage is set, not only for an improvement in academics, but also for changes that impact lifelong success.

Donate to the Myrna B. Shure Fund

Through the Susquehanna Education Foundation, donate to the Myrna B. Shure Fund to assist schools and community-based organizations in implementing and continued sustainability of programs that support the development of resilient children and youth.

CPSEL Spring Webinar Series

CPSEL wants to support you throughout the year with educational networking. The CPSEL Spring Series is an opportunity to:

  • Bridge the gap between research and practice.
  • Gain tools you can apply in your setting.
  • Tap into new research and trends.
  • Share your needs with CPSEL.
  • Network with your colleagues.

SEL4PA Monthly Meetings

Review our discussions around priorities for action around the following themes:

  • Connect local SEL stakeholders to learn and share best practices.
  • Promote community and statewide awareness for SEL and its impact.
  • Advocate for equity-focused state and local policies and funding to support SEL.
  • Support high-quality, equity-focused SEL practice and professional learning.


I Can Problem Solve (ICPS) Program

Universal, evidence-based, social and emotional learning (SEL) program designed to build interpersonal thinking and problem-solving skills for children, ages 4-11.

Raising a Thinking Child (RaTC) Parent Program

Provides parents with young children with concrete, interactive activities to help their children learn to solve “people” problems.

S E L 4 P A


SEL4PA is an SEL4US alliance member that works to sustain and spread the use of high quality, equity-focused SEL in Pennsylvania by raising awareness of the benefits of SEL, promoting and supporting effective SEL implementation, and advancing SEL-related policies and funding.

Our Guiding Principles

Our work is grounded in the belief that people of all ages possess the ability to learn and grow and become well equipped to navigate life’s successes and challenges. The following principles provide the foundation for our work:

  • Social and emotional programming positively affects a broad range of student social, emotional, health, behavioral and academic outcomes.
  • Social and emotional skill development in youth has lasting outcomes through adulthood.
  • Safe and supportive educational environments that are trauma-sensitive and responsive nurture social and emotional, ethical and academic skills.
  • Character development helps young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens and should be an integral part of social and emotional learning.
  • Families play a crucial role in helping children become confident and independent individuals and learners.
  • Long-term change in social, emotional and character development is achieved when educators, families and community members work together as partners.
  • Adults serve as important role models for children and can positively affect social and emotional competence by engaging in their own lifelong social and emotional skill development.

Our Vision

All learners will become socially and emotionally competent individuals of strong character.

Our Mission

To promote social and emotional learning and character development, bridging the gap between research and practice by providing evidence-based professional development, consulting, coaching and resources to educators and practitioners in formal and informal settings.

group discussion with principal, educators, parents and children

We are here to help develop best plans to meet the needs of you and your school district or organization.

Interested in becoming a consultant for CPSEL?

CPSEL is always interested in engaging quality consultants to support its work. Please submit our short information form if you would like to become a CPSEL consultant.